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Below are listed all known cheat codes for SimCity 3000.  Please use these at your own risk - we recommend that you save another copy of your city before using the codes, just in case.  We are not responsible for any damage these may cause you or your computer.  HAVE FUN!

However, we do not recommend using cheats until you have learned the game well.  (It may seem fun at first, but it quickly becomes boring - trust us, we checked each code and it got boring!)  Cheating is no replacement for knowledge and experience as mayor.  Don't worry if you don't know the game though, the more you play, the more you'll learn!

Make All Buildings Available!
You can have all SimCity 3000 structures available at the click of a mouse very simply.  You will be able to build anything you want by simply selecting it from the Landmarks window!  All zoned buildings are free to build, but everything else you will have to pay for (i.e. power plants, police and fire stations, schools, etc).   Just open and close the following windows in the order they are listed and if done right, all buildings will appear in the Landmarks window:

1. Power plants
2. Rewards and Opportunities
3. Garbage facilities
4. Landmarks

To enter codes, load a city and press the following:  Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C or Macintosh: Cmd + Option + Shift + C.  A small text box will open in the upper left corner of the screen.  Type any of the following codes into that box.  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


    Description / more info

call cousin Vinnie After entering this code, " Local Fundraising Event" will appear in the Meet window.   Click this, and Vinnie will offer you some cash obtained through unorthodox means.   If you choose to accept, you will be given the money, otherwise, you will be rewarded with the code below, "ZYXWVU", for passing his test.  You may only use this code once.


SimCity Castle

Rewards you with the SimCity Castle (pictured at left) which will appear in the rewards window.  Use this code after rejecting the Local Fundraising deal obtained by typing "call cousin Vinnie".   The castle will increase land value and aura in the surrounding regions. 

What the SimCity Castle stats mean:
Princes Primping = # Museums
Dragons Dancing = # Fire Stations
Heads a Rolling = # Jails
Crowns Glistening = Base value of funds divided by 50,000
Knights Neighing = # Police Stations
Jesters Joking = # Zoos

force Moe to say [insert text here] Supposedly causes Moe or whoever else you type (Constance, Gus, Karen, Maria, Mortimer, petitioners) say whatever you enter in the [insert text here] space.  This cheat did not work for us, but maybe it could work for you.  When the petitioners were made to say something, an unlabeled message appeared in the petitioner window, but contained nothing we had typed in.
garbage in, garbage out All garbage facilities are made available regardless of year.
i am weak Everything is free to build.
i love red tape All ordinances become available; description of the City Hall reads, "Miles and Miles of Red Tape."
let's make a deal All neighbors and petitioners to whom you are connected begin to request deals.
load terrain [path & file] See Creating New Terrains - COMING SOON!!!
nerdz rool High tech industry replaces any existing industry.
pay tribute to your king All rewards and opportunities become available.  However, the GigaMall and casino are not included, as they are received through deals, not given.
power to the masses All power plants are made available regardless of year.
salt on Causes all water to become saline, i.e. makes everything into salt water.
salt off All water in your city becomes fresh and thus you can place pumps anywhere, as there is no salt water.
stop forcing advice Silences your advisors.
terrain one up Elevates all terrain 1 tile. Warning: totally destroys city, use before building, or if you simply wish to clear the map!
terrain one down Lowers all terrain 1 tile. Warning: totally destroys city, use before building, or if you simply wish to clear the map!
terrain ten up Elevates all terrain 10 tiles. Warning: totally destroys city, use before building, or if you simply wish to clear the map!
terrain ten down Lowers all terrain 10 tiles. Warning: totally destroys city, use before building, or if you simply wish to clear the map!
the birds A flock of birds will fly over your city.
UFO Swarm After entering this cheat, begin a UFO disaster (you might want to save your city first, as some damage will occur, and you could revert to the saved original).  Your city will be overrun with many UFOs, many more than normal.
water in the desert All water facilities are made available regardless of year.
All Useless Codes     News ticker message  -  READ THESE, SOME ARE FUNNY!!! :-)
1234 Secret Number Combination Causes Announcement In News Ticker
advisor Mayor Under Investigation For Possible Embezzlement
bat Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BAT-Man!
broccoli Sorry. Money Doesn't Grow On Broccoli!
easter egg Duo Ragazzi's Easter Egg Palace: Old World Charm In A Post Modern Setting
electronic arts Not Just Sports Games Anymore
erts Investment Tip: Buy Low, Sell High
FUND Sims Bored By Word FUND; Suggest You Try Other Words
fund FUND Not A Cheat Code. Do Not Type MOREMONEY Either, It Is Not A Cheat Code
hello Greetings, Mayor, Your Sims Salute You
HELP You Want Help? Well You Won't Find Help Here
help Dozens Of Hidden News Tickers, Study Reveals; Sims Encouraged To Collect Them All And Amaze Friends
llama The Llama Is A Quadruped
MAXIS Some News Tickers Revealed To Be Easter Eggs; Sims Excited
maxis Did You Know That MAXIS Spelled Backwards Is SIX AM?
mayor Mayor [mayor name] Brings [city name] To News Ticker Highlights
money Money Does NOT Grow On Trees, Study Concludes
moremoney MOREMONEY Not A Cheat Code, Research Concludes
sc3k Mayor Suspected In Attempting Embezzlement; Ends In Failure
scurk If You Build It, They Will Come
SIM Hey Buster, There's No Need To Shout At Me
sim If You Lived Here, You'd Be A Sim
simcity Keep Trying, And Maybe You'll Figure It Out
simon says [Causes the current message to repeat]
ticker [City name] Picayune: The Finest In Scrolling Entertainment
will wright What Will He Think Of Next?

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